Mike Fleming

816-461-3800(816) 461-3800

An honest and accessible litigation attorney.

Hailing from Southeast Kansas, Mike holds true to values important to his clients, especially integrity. You’ll find his approach is to always do what is best for you, whether that is settling a case or going all the way through trial. Unlike attorneys at other law firms, you always have quick access to Mike’s knowledge, including after hours where he can be reached on his personal cell phone.

A unique understanding of small business needs.

You’re busy and your focus shouldn’t be on litigation, it should be on running your business. Mike understands this and you can expect that he will fully understand your small business’ routine, especially if you are a rural small business owner. After learning about your dispute and business goals, Mike will explore all of the legal options available to you and will recommend the most practical business litigation approach to help you resolve your case so you can get back to work.

Well-respected by judges in the court room.

Like the other litigation attorneys at Kapke Willerth, Mike is well-respected in the consumer protection and personal injury community in Kansas City. Whether you are suffering from a car accident or slip and fall, or a more complicated products liability injury, Mike can help you tell your story to the judge and jury so they will understand how you have been harmed. His dedication and experience can go a long way towards helping you fight the big guy in court.