George Kapke

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A Kansas City litigation attorney with 40 years of experience.

George Kapke’s 40 years of broad-based experience can help you solve your legal problems both in and outside of the courtroom. His four decades of experience includes representing clients in civil litigation with a focus on business disputes, real estate disputes, and employment law claims. He is also well-versed in transactional legal services including business organizations, estate planning, and real estate deals.

George has seen most legal issues you could encounter.

Since George has been a Kansas City litigation attorney since 1969, he has seen nearly every litigation issue you might encounter in business, real estate, and employment law. Drawing on these experiences, he can help you anticipate and avoid common litigation problems to keep you and your business on track.

A litigation attorney focused on finding reasonable solutions.

When you work with George, you’ll benefit from a litigation attorney focused on helping you find reasonable solutions. Using his 40+ years of civil litigation experience, he can help you better predict what lies ahead and define what constitutes a reasonable solution to your problems. He can then establish the best litigation plan to help you achieve that end result.