Finding oneself in need of a lawyer can be an unsettling realization.  Finding an attorney can be daunting with all the advertisements, web pages, videos and commercials.   Usually when someone needs an attorney it is due to a major life event which only adds to the stress of finding the right lawyer.  This post is intended to take the stress out of finding an attorney.  Following these simple guidelines will help you select the right attorney for you.  Finally, remember this, because it is important advice: the choice of a lawyer is an important one and it should not be based solely on advertising.  Kansas City trial attorneys Kapke & Willerth, would submit the choice of a lawyer should not be impacted by advertising, but rather what firm is most qualified to handle your case.


Expertise.  Whether it is a car accident, business dispute, termination of employment or probate dispute, you need a lawyer who has expertise in the area of law involved in your case.  Determining who has expertise is really rather simple.  Just ask the lawyer his or her expertise in the type of matter involved.  Then use your judgment, if specific examples of trials related to the area of expertise you need cannot be provided with case references – look elsewhere.  In other words, ask for specific examples of the lawyer handling cases like your case.   Lawyers and firms often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in the latest advertising – commercials, blogs, paid for ratings (that’s right some legal rating services are simply paid advertisement), pay per clicks, pop-up adds and yellow page advertisements.  These advertisements, although certain to generate business leads, do not reveal whether the lawyer is qualified to handle your case.  This is the very reason that the Bar Associations across the country require lawyers to warn – that the choice of a lawyer should not be based on advertising.  Rather, the choice of a lawyer should be based on a assessment of whether the lawyer is qualified to handle your case or matter.  Kansas City trial attorneys Kapke & Willerth have a broad base of expertise.  In our 40 year existence, we have handled virtually all types of matters.  We are happy to discuss our expertise and will include specific examples of cases we have handled that are similar to your case.  If we can’t provide those examples to you, then we will refer you to a lawyer who is qualified to handle your case.  We understand that your case is too important to be handled by a firm without the proper expertise and that is why if we don’t have that expertise, we will help you find someone who does.


Track Record.  What is the lawyers track record?  Although past results do not provide any guaranty of future performance, they certainly are competent evidence of experience.  For instance, if a lawyer has never tried a case to a jury that lawyer should not handle your personal injury claim or any other claim that might be tried to a jury.  Many lawyers advertise that they “fight” for you, but if that lawyer has never tried a case he or she is simply not qualified to “fight” for you.  Kapke & Willerth, are Kansas City Trial Attorneys.  We are happy to share our verdicts- they are after all published and readily available for those seeking proof of experience.  Simply put, we are not afraid to try your case and have experience trying a wide variety of cases – from complex trust and business disputes to employment termination and personal injury cases.


Integrity.  Why does integrity matter, you might be asking yourself?  Don’t I want an aggressive lawyer who takes no prisoners or will win at all cost?  Perhaps, but consider how an overly aggressive lawyer may be viewed by the 12 jurors called upon to decide your case.  Wouldn’t you prefer the lawyer who is viewed by jurors as an honest and forthright, advocate.  Someone who when he or she speaks is believed, is given credibility and uses that to influence the jurors deciding your case.   Kansas City Trial Attorneys Kapke & Willerth have been in business since 1978 (and practicing law together even longer).  During that history, our lawyers have succeeded by ethically fighting for our clients with integrity.  That means treating our clients with respect, treating opposing parties with respect and treating the Court with respect.  Practicing law in this manner is the right thing to do and a lawyer with integrity will do what is right, within the boundaries of the law, while zealously advocating for his or her client.  This consideration should be paramount in the choice of a lawyer – not advertising.

The choice of a lawyer is too important to be based solely on advertising.  Interview lawyers, follow the above-guidelines and you will be equipped to make the right choice!