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Zach Enterline

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A fresh perspective to litigation.

Zach Enterline is a litigation attorney with a reputation for listening to your story rather than telling you what your story should be. And unlike many Kansas City litigation attorneys, Zach’s role within the Kapke Willerth litigation team is to bring fresh ideas and a new level of curiosity to business and civil litigation to help you find the best approach to winning your case.

A flexible approach to solve your litigation problems.

When you work with Zach, you’ll find that his litigation strategy includes remaining flexible. He will use every angle possible to argue your case and if a particular angle isn’t effective, he isn’t afraid to change course to seek a better judgment for you in your unique situation. While many litigation attorneys think they have all the answers, Zach knows that “the way they’ve always done it” isn’t always the best way.

Dedicated to litigation.

Before entering law school, Zach worked as a legal assistant at a litigation firm in Oklahoma where he was actively involved with every aspect of litigation from discovery to jury selection, on-site research, and courtroom arguments. And while in law school, he took every opportunity to get into the courtroom. He served as an intern in the Missouri Public Defender’s Office where he gained experience representing and advocating for clients in court and competed in national Mock Trial competitions. These experiences prepared him for his first two days on the job at Kapke Willerth where he co-chaired a jury trial.